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Fresh to your door or come out for a visit. Orders are available by phone, email or Facebook request.



We provide fresh produce to chefs throughout the Central Coast and occasionally have extra bounty to share with our friends and neighbors. Contact us if you are a local chef or like us on Facebook  for our Produce Stand hours.



        SEEDS & STARTS


Check with us for our seasonal selection of nursery stock and heirloom seeds. We increase our nursery stock during the proper planting times to ensure good  conditions for transplanting and a bountiful harvest. We also have heirloom seeds available year round. We are happy to provide growing information on individual varieties to help you grow them to their full potential.



Our organically fed cage free chickens and ducks enjoy the extra abundance from our farm and provide delicious eggs year round. Currently allocated to local chefs, contact us if you would like to request an allocation.

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